Are Serious Brain Injuries Caused During Auto Accidents?

September 19, 2019

car accident lawyer pittsburgh paBrain Injuries Resulting From Car Accidents

Thousands of automobile accidents happen every year in the United States, many of which cause brain injuries to develop. A lot of the people that have been in these serious accidents may show no initial signs of any injuries and that means they are often unaware of their brain injuries. When a person does not realize there is something wrong with the brain, the situation can become even more dangerous and possibly even deadly. There are even times when it is hard for medical professionals to notice injuries to the brain while in an emergency room environment.

Common Misconceptions

There is a lot of confusion surrounding brain injuries. Some people assume that the only way to suffer from this type of injury is to hit your head against something, but that is not always true. Even minor collisions with other vehicles could lead to an injury of the brain. The reason it happens is because the collision causes the body to jolt forward at such a fast pace, which could cause the brain to press against the skull. If the brain collides with the skull, internal bleeding of the brain can occur.

There is also the belief that a person only has a brain injury if they were knocked out and were no longer conscious. Some people with these types of injuries are knocked unconscious but it is not something that happens to everyone. Each situation is different.

The Symptoms of a Brain Injury

Many people with brain injuries do not realize they have them because they are not experiencing many symptoms. It is the reason why there are so many people with these injuries that have not been properly diagnosed by a medical professional. Although symptoms are not always the most obvious, there are certain issues a person may suddenly start to experience when the brain is injured. The symptoms would include:

  • Random migraines and headaches
  • Vomiting more often than use
  • Trouble remembering things that were discussed
  • Difficulty speaking clearly
  • The feeling of being confused or disoriented
  • Extreme sensitivity to bright lights or loud noises

Anyone experiencing these symptoms should speak with a physician and undergo an examination.

Mild Brain Injuries

Aside from serious brain injuries, some people will sustain something known as post-concussive syndrome after getting into an accident. There are injuries to the brain, but they are not as serious. The unfortunate thing about the syndrome is that some people are stuck with it for the rest of their lives. They may experience random symptoms from time to time, including aggressive behavior, difficulty focusing on something specific, trouble sleeping, feelings of depression, and irritability.

What Are the Proper Steps to Take?

If a victim is injured after getting into an accident while driving, they should visit the emergency room immediately. Not all injuries are noticeable because some are internal. Not seeking treatment could mean the difference between life or death for some people with serious brain injuries that are unaware of what is going on. While at the emergency room, it is the responsibility of the medical staff to perform a series of different tests and scans to check for any potential problems.

Anyone who gets into a car accident or other type of motor vehicle collision, should ask questions about brain injuries when speaking to a doctor at the hospital. Most doctors can identify and diagnose these issues. Before doing anything else, an injured person should seek medical attention. It is better to detect an injury like this in advance.

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