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Understanding Dram Shop Liability and Alcohol-Related Accidents

When someone causes an accident because they were drunk or under the influence of alcohol, they will be considered the sole negligent party in situations of a personal injury accident case. There are times, however, that the person or entity that provided alcohol to the negligent party, may also be partially responsible and thus able… Read More

Understanding CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) After an Accident

When injured in an accident, depending on the severity, there can often be a long road to fully recover. You may only need time to rest or you may have to go through a consistent physical therapy program, a multiple amount of surgeries, and take a lot of medication. Unfortunately, some people end up with… Read More

Jamaica Resorts Covered Up Sexual Assaults, Silenced Victims for Years

Certain crimes are considered much more serious than others, and sexual assault is definitely a contender for being horrible and life-damaging. What’s worse is when a victim is subjected to such a terrible and traumatic event, and higher ups attempt to cover up the crimes for the sake of their own reputation. In doing so,… Read More

Pennsylvania Trucking Accidents: Common Causes & Liability

Being the victim of a trucking accident is no laughing matter. Because the size and weight of commercial trucks, getting into an accident involving one, especially if you are not the driver of the truck, can have much more severe impacts, resulting in sustaining much more severe injuries and often coma or death. Knowing the… Read More

Schoolyard Injuries: Who is Liable in Pennsylvania?

Whenever children play together, there is always a chance that one, more than one, or all may get injured in an accident. However, based on data published by Safe Kids Worldwide, more injuries tend to occur to children when they are playing on a schoolyard playground than on any other type of playground. Specifically, the… Read More

Car Accidents, Elderly Drivers, and Legal Liability in Erie, PA

Driving is an activity that becomes more dangerous for people as they age. For this reason, most states have imposed stricter driver licensing requirements on elderly individuals to try to ensure that those who pose a risk of danger to others on the road will not get behind the wheel of a car. At the… Read More

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