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Penn State Tragedy Results in Death for Young College Student

A party at a Penn State fraternity house, Beta Theta Pi on February 2nd, resulted in the injury and death of one of the students pledging to become a brother. This is being described as another hazing ritual gone wrong after making pledges consume alcohol at various drinking areas in a very short amount of… Read More

Top 3 Most Dangerous Roads in Pennsylvania

While Pennsylvania is known for its miles of scenic highways that traverse the Quaker state, it is also known to have some of the most dangerous roadways in the U.S. with more than 127,000 reported vehicle accidents, according to a report by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. With some of these roads, intersections, and highways… Read More

How an Overdiagnosis Can Be Harmful to a Patient

While you may be familiar with the medical concept of a patient being under diagnosed by a doctor, what is making waves as of recently is the idea of a patient being overdiagnosed. In this case, a nursing home patient is correctly diagnosed for their disease or illness, but are receiving too much treatment for… Read More

Sex Offenders Use Local Walmart As Home Address

A sex offender may live closer than you think as residents of Cocoa, Fla., found out recently. At least 17 registered sex offenders listed a nearby Walmart as their place of residence on the offender home address list. Some on the same list were even sexual predators. How can a place where children frequent be… Read More

Cruise Ships Become Popular Spots For Sexual Assault Against Minors

Cruise ships are popular vacation venues for families all over the U.S. What these cruise ships don’t want you to know is that statistics are showing that as many as a third of individuals aboard these ships that get sexually assaulted may be minors. In 2016, 92 alleged onboard crimes were reported aboard a cruise… Read More

Legislators Fear Amendments to Bill Could Kill It Altogether

A state House committee has recently expanded on a child sex abuse bill that would allow a victim to sue for potentially limitless damages from school districts, as well as governmental and private institutions. With these controversial amendments, government entities would be exposed to large liability awards due to losing certain facets of sovereign immunity.… Read More

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