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Fiat Chrysler Car Recall

While cars are some of the greatest innovations of today, they can still experience problems just like any other piece of technology. Sometimes those problems stem from improper care and other times it is because of a manufacturing defect. That is why car recalls exist and have been used many times. Manufacturers will recall vehicles… Read More

Testing Your Smoke Detectors

A smoke detector may be one of the most important items in your home because it can warn you and your family of smoke and fire. Getting an early warning of a fire can provide you and your loved ones with plenty of time to evacuate and remain safe. Like most electronic devices, smoke detectors do not just… Read More

Car Brakes Out? What You Should Do

While losing the brakes on a vehicle is not something that happens to everybody on the road, it happens more often than one might imagine. Your brakes are something you rely heavily on while driving since they are what keep you from colliding with other motorists on the road. It might be hard to imagine… Read More

Driverless Cars: Safe or Not?

Autonomous cars, self-driving vehicles, driverless automobiles — regardless of what you choose to call them, they are the next step in the evolution of transportation. These driverless cars have been designed to make it so an automobile can drive you from point A to point B without you having to… drive. The ultimate goal of… Read More

Most Dangerous Highways in Pennsylvania

Highways are dangerous because of high speeds, traffic jams and the presence of larger tractor-trailer trucks. Pennsylvania has a number of highways that are considered more dangerous than alternative roadways. I-95, I-78, I-80 and the I-79 and I-70 Interchange are all recognized nationwide as very dangerous areas to drive through. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation… Read More

What to Do in a Hotel Fire

Hotels owners are required by law to keep their hotel premises in a reasonably safe condition and to warn guests about any hazards that are created by the hotel or are ongoing, such as wet floors or electrical work. Premises Liability in Pittsburgh, PA As in other buildings, the risk of fire in a hotel… Read More

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