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When are Hotels Liable for Injuries to Guests?

Like many businesses, hotels serve the public. Since a hotel provides services that differ in key ways from many other businesses, however, their responsibilities to guests differ as well. Hotels have certain legal duties toward their guests. These include a duty to use reasonable care to protect guests from injuries, including the responsibility to address… Read More

RSD, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Social Security Disability

RSD, which stands for reflex sympathetic dystrophy is a form of complex regional pain syndrome. Both complex regional pain syndrome and RSD are commonly associated with disease, surgery on a limb, or following traumatic personal injury cases (such as after a serious motor vehicle accident). The pain is characterized as constant, extremely intense and out of proportion to the… Read More

New Lawsuit Claims Opioid Addiction Warnings Not Given to Potential Users

The opioid addiction epidemic throughout the United States is a serious one and it is one that is prompting awareness campaigns as well as legislative action. Furthermore, certain legal claims have been filed after stipulating that opioid related industries have failed to warn consumers about the addictive qualities of the drugs. Beaver County recently announced… Read More

Drugged Driver Implicated in Crash

Recently, new information has come out regarding a devastating crash involving a tractor-trailer in Indiana County. The incident happened around 8 a.m. on Monday morning earlier this month. The truck was traveling along Route 22 and hauling heavy metal scrapings and battery strippings. According to responding Fire Department officials, the truck was traveling too fast.… Read More

New Trial Denied for Jerry Sandusky’s Sex Abuse Case

Being the victim of any type of sexual assault or abuse can often cause feelings of shame, embarrassment, guilt, anger, and more — these difficult feelings can cause victims to shy away from the publicity of a lawsuit. Yet there are some who are able to speak out against their assailants with the help an experienced… Read More

Massage Envy Therapist Accused of Hundreds of Sexual Assaults

A recent news story shows that the massage spa chain Massage Envy, which has almost 1,200 locations across the country, is now facing hundreds of allegations of sexual assault. Furthermore, the chain is now facing claims that they mishandled or outright ignored allegations when they arose. Allegations of sexual assault could not only impact someone’s… Read More

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