Car Brakes Out? What You Should Do

June 28, 2018

Car Accident Lawyer Pittsburgh, PAWhile losing the brakes on a vehicle is not something that happens to everybody on the road, it happens more often than one might imagine. Your brakes are something you rely heavily on while driving since they are what keep you from colliding with other motorists on the road. It might be hard to imagine a situation where you are without brakes, making it even more important to know what to do should the situation arise. Properly handling failing brakes could be the difference between safely reaching your destination or ending up injured.  Take note of the following tips in order to stay safe in the event that your brakes go out while driving:

Stay Calm and Trust the Process When Your Brakes Fail

It is easy to panic if you go to use the brakes and they no longer work. Instead of letting that panic control your actions, you should do your best to take a deep breath and remain calm. Panicking will only lead to making mistakes which could ultimately prove fatal. With today’s vehicles, the rear brakes and front brakes operate separately. So, although it might feel like you have lost all brake power, your vehicle should still be able to come to a halt under the power of the brakes you have left.

If you feel the brakes are still not working, you can always carefully employ the emergency brake. Since this operates separately from your other brakes, it should help you come to a stop. Also, slowly easing off the accelerator will aid in getting your car to roll to a halt. When you are in the process of slowing down, you should turn on your hazard lights to let other vehicles know of your situation. You should also do your best to move off the road and away from traffic. Keep your car running until you have come to a complete stop before you shut it off. You should then seek out roadside assistance and have your brakes looked at by an experienced mechanic.

Pittsburgh Attorney Handles Car Accidents

Driving a vehicle without brakes can surely be fatal. If you end up in an accident and only walk away with injuries, you should consider yourself very lucky to be alive. You should also seek out the assistance of an experienced Pennsylvania car accident attorney. In Pittsburgh, the place to turn is The Law Office of Mark A. Smith. Car accidents can be caused by a number of variables and Mr. Smith will do his best to make sure he gets to the bottom of yours. Contact our Pittsburgh office by filling out our online contact form to start talking about your case today.

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