Car Accidents

Car Accidents, Elderly Drivers, and Legal Liability in Erie, PA

Driving is an activity that becomes more dangerous for people as they age. For this reason, most states have imposed stricter driver licensing requirements on elderly individuals to try to ensure that those who pose a risk of danger to others on the road will not get behind the wheel of a car. At the… Read More

When Your Personal Injury Lawsuit Includes Property Damage in Pittsburgh, PA

After a car accident where injuries are sustained, your health and well-being should be your top priority. Seek out medical care as soon as possible. Afterward, you’ll have to come to terms with the other losses resulting from the accident. This may include extensive property damage, so you’ll need to come up with a plan… Read More

Investigation of Fatal Uber Incident

It was not long ago that news headlines were flooded with reports of an accident where a self-driving Uber vehicle struck and killed a woman crossing the street. The vehicle had a backup safety driver but was unable to come to a stop before striking the woman, who was walking her bicycle across the street… Read More

Drowsy Driving Can Pose Risks at Any Age

Many drivers are aware of the risks of drinking and driving. Distracted driving, including distractions by cell phones, has also risen in public awareness in recent years. Teens and young adults are frequently taught about the dangers of both drunk and distracted driving, and parents often make sure to provide additional warnings as their children… Read More

Fiat Chrysler Car Recall

While cars are some of the greatest innovations of today, they can still experience problems just like any other piece of technology. Sometimes those problems stem from improper care and other times it is because of a manufacturing defect. That is why car recalls exist and have been used many times. Manufacturers will recall vehicles… Read More

Car Brakes Out? What You Should Do

While losing the brakes on a vehicle is not something that happens to everybody on the road, it happens more often than one might imagine. Your brakes are something you rely heavily on while driving since they are what keep you from colliding with other motorists on the road. It might be hard to imagine… Read More

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