Child Drowning Incidents Have Seen Major Increase in 2020

July 27, 2020

personal injury lawyer pittsburgh paAs the Coronavirus pandemic continues, many families are choosing to postpone their annual summer vacations until it’s safe to travel. As such, many families have been purchasing swimming pools as a form of entertainment. Ashley Best-Raiten, a mother of two joked around with Good Morning America saying, “I’m pretty sure we got the last above-ground pool in North America.” Best-Raiten’s words could not be more on point considering how pool sales have skyrocketed in 2020. According to the NPD Group, pool sales saw a 160% increase this year so far. However, some medical experts are warning parents about a new risk associated with this popular form of summer entertainment.

Experts Are Warning of a New Danger

Unlike summers of years past, parents and caregivers have been forced to deal with a new normal as a result of the pandemic. In an effort to slow the spread of the virus, many parents made the transition to working remotely while their children adapted to virtual learning. These new elements were compounded with stay-at-home orders and the temporary closures of many popular businesses, meaning families were forced to identify new forms of entertainment all while trying to juggle childcare and work.

This new normal led the American Academy of Pediatrics to release a statement in May of this year touting the distractions that many caregivers are facing. A family in California faced the reality of these distractions after their daughter wandered from the house and into the family’s pool while they were inside working. The young girl was not breathing and without a pulse when emergency services arrived. Luckily, the young girl survived and will make a full recovery, but it’s instances like this that led emergency physician, Dr. Patrick Mularoni to speak up about the unnerving increase in child drowning accidents recently seen at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg Florida; Mularoni is quoted, “With parents working from home and trying to provide that supervision of their children while working, it leads to more opportunities for children to get out of the house and get to a pool or a body of water.”

The John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital has reportedly seen a 150% increase in child drowning accidents in comparison to this time two years ago.

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