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Slip & Fall Attorney in Erie, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania law requires property owners to ensure that visitors to their properties are safe from injury. This is known as premises liability law. Unfortunately, not all property owners in Erie, PA take the steps necessary to protect visitors against slip & falls and other types of accidents that can result in serious injuries. Whether you tripped and fell on damaged pavement outside a friend’s home, slipped on a patch of ice in a restaurant parking lot, or sustained serious injuries in an escalator accident at a shopping mall, you may have a valid personal injury claim to secure compensation for your medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Since this area of law often requires proof of damages and testimony from experts, you should probably speak to an experienced slip and fall accident attorney before proceeding with a personal injury claim.

Mark A. Smith is a skilled personal injury attorney who understands the complexities of Pennsylvania premises liability law and who has successfully represented clients in Erie slip and fall accident claims. Contact The Law Office of Mark A. Smith today to schedule a free consultation about your Erie slip & fall case.

Erie, PA Premises Liability Lawyer Helps Slip & Fall Victims Get Compensated

Erie personal injury lawyer Mark A. Smith represents people who have suffered injuries in slip and fall accidents anywhere in the city. Additionally, Attorney Smith has helped victims in all other types of premises liability cases, including:

  • Failure to Fix Tripping Hazards
  • Failure to Warn About Slipping Hazards
  • Failure to Inspect the Property
  • Poor Lighting
  • Inadequate Security
  • Balcony/Deck Collapses
  • Lack of Smoke Alarms

The Law Office of Mark A. Smith also assists Erie accident victims with other types of personal injury claims, including:

Pennsylvania law provides victims of negligence with a right to compensation for injuries, property damage, and other impacts of a slip & fall accident. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may need to file a lawsuit to secure that compensation. The Law Office of Mark A. Smith can help you with pre-trial negotiations and, if necessary, with trial in a PA courtroom.

Why Choose Erie Slip & Fall Attorney Mark Smith to Handle Your Accident Claim?

Mark A. Smith has practiced personal injury law in Pennsylvania since 1994 and has been recognized as a Pennsylvania “Super Lawyer,” a designation that indicates a high level of achievement in the courtroom. Attorney Smith has won millions of dollars for clients in settlements and verdicts for cases involving slip & falls, trip & falls, personal injury, medical malpractice, car accidents, dog bites, defective products, and nursing home negligence.

Mark Smith prides himself on providing personalized service to his clients. He will handle your Erie, PA slip and fall accident case and keep you informed about any progress or updates throughout the legal process. That way, you can focus on your physical recovery and feel confident that you have a skilled personal injury attorney taking care of the legal matters and working diligently to achieve a positive outcome to your case.

Contact an Experienced Erie PA Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you or a loved one sustained injuries in a slip & fall accident in Erie, PA, experienced personal injury attorney Mark A. Smith can assist you. Attorney Smith is a champion for trip and fall accident victims who need help securing the financial compensation they deserve. To connect with a member of the legal team at The Law Office of Mark A. Smith, fill out our online contact form.

About Erie, Pennsylvania

Erie is a city located in Erie County, PA. Erie, which serves as the county seat, is the fourth-largest city in Pennsylvania with an estimated population of more than 98,000 people. This represents a slight decline from the total population in 2010: 101,786 residents. Erie has a geographic area of 19.37 square miles, almost all of which is land, not water.

Erie is known for its manufacturing industry, with other major industries in the city including health care, technology, higher education, and service. Erie is also a popular tourist destination: over four million people come to the city in the summer each year. Some of the major tourist attractions in Erie are Presque Isle State Park (a peninsula that offers hiking, swimming, boating, and birdwatching), Waldameer Park (an amusement and water park), and Presque Isle Downs (a casino and horse racing track).

During the winter months, the weather in Erie, PA can get particularly dangerous for city residents. It is not uncommon for Erie to be hit with snow, ice, and rain. In fact, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in 2017, Erie received a record-breaking 53 inches of snowfall.




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