Fiat Chrysler Car Recall

Pittsburgh car accident attorneyWhile cars are some of the greatest innovations of today, they can still experience problems just like any other piece of technology. Sometimes those problems stem from improper care and other times it is because of a manufacturing defect.

That is why car recalls exist and have been used many times. Manufacturers will recall vehicles in order to fix the problem, usually free of charge, to ensure driver safety.

Recently, Fiat Chrysler joined the club by recalling more than 5.3 million vehicles across North America.

Manufacturer Defects Can Lead to Accidents

The defect Fiat Chrysler recalled its vehicles for could prevent drivers from deactivating cruise control. While no injuries or crashes have been related, there was report where a motorist was unable to deactivate cruise control.

The report came from a driver of a rental car who was using the cruise control feature while traveling at 70 miles per hour. The driver reported that the windshield wipers turned on by themselves and the instrumentation dials on the dashboard went to zero.

They were unable to disengage cruise control but used the brakes to overpower the engine. They were able to get the car to the side of the road. Following the report Fiat Chrysler went to work issuing tests to fully uncover the issue.

They discovered it happens when an acceleration occurs at the same time as a short circuit in a specific electrical network. Fiat Chrysler explained drivers can overpower the system by stepping on the brakes with force until the car comes to a complete stop or by shifting in neutral and braking. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is strongly encouraging recalled vehicle owners to stop using the cruise control feature.

It may not have caused an accident as of yet, but the defect certainly can lead to one. Motorists tend to use cruise control when traveling on high-speed, busy roadways. If they get stuck in cruise control it could lead to a car accident and serious car accidents can lead to serious injuries.

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