Halloween 2021: Trick or Treat Laws in Pennsylvania

October 29, 2021

Halloween 2021: Trick or Treat Laws in PennsylvaniaHalloween is just around the corner. That means, if you haven’t yet, it’s time to decorate the house and decide on your costume. If trick or treating is a part of your child’s plans this Halloween, this is also a good time to refresh your knowledge of Pennsylvania’s laws.

Halloween Laws to Know in Pennsylvania

Here are a few laws to know related to trick or treating in Pennsylvania:

There is No Age Limit on Trick or Treating

In Pennsylvania, there isn’t technically any age limit on trick or treating, meaning people of all ages can come to your home asking for candy. Some cities do consider 14 years to be the official cut-off, but there aren’t any laws that determine this to be the case.

Social Distancing is expected

While trick or treating is allowed this year, the CDC is still recommending that people avoid large crowds. Most cities have plans in place that recommend social distancing.

You’re Expected to Provide a Safe Environment

If you welcome trick or treaters onto your property, it is your duty to ensure they are safe. This means notifying anyone of any dangerous situation and repairing any risky conditions.

Trespassing is Illegal

Trespassing is illegal, even on Halloween. Pennsylvania divides visitors into three categories, invitees, licensees, or trespassers.  If you welcome people onto your property with decorations and lights, or you stop by a neighbor’s for candy, you’re considered an invitee. Licensees refer to people who have a commercial purpose to be there, such as for work.

If a property owner tells you not to come on to their property or has posted signs, this is considered trespassing.

Cities Have Set Hours

Another way to define whether you’re an invitee or a trespasser is to follow your city’s trick or treating hours. Many cities recognize the start time for trick or treating at 6 pm. End times vary, depending on where you live. 

Stay Safe This Halloween

Knowing the local laws is important in preventing accidents and staying safe this Halloween. If you plan to visit your neighbors with your child, or you’ll be welcoming your neighbors to give out candy, make sure you set a few safety rules first to keep everyone safe. Visibility is important in preventing pedestrian accidents. Ensure that your child can be seen by both drivers and other pedestrians on the road.

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