Holiday Distracted Driving: What You Need to Know to Stay Safe

November 20, 2021

Holiday Distracted Driving: What You Need to Know to Stay Safe

The traffic rates tend to increase during the holiday season, as people travel to visit family members or spend the day shopping. When you add in the shorter days, the potential for inclement weather, and the many distractions that come with the season, the holidays can be a dangerous time to drive. Here are some tips to help keep you safe. 

Distracted Driving Statistics in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reports an estimate of over 14,000 accidents are the result of distracted driving each year. In 2018 alone, distracted driving was the cause of approximately 15.5% of accidents. The National Safety Council (NSC) has noticed an increase in the number of distracted driving car accidents year over year.

What is Distracted Driving?

Many people refer to distracted driving as driving while texting. While this is a form of distracted driving, it’s not the only one. There are three main types of distracted driving you should know about: 

  • Visual: Visual distractions take your focus off the road. This may include texting and driving, looking into the backseat, or talking to a passenger.
  • Manual: Manual distractions include taking your hands off the wheel. It may be due to you reaching for your phone, texting, or reaching into the backseat to grab something.
  • Cognitive: Cognitive distractions occur when you take your mind off driving. You may be focused on a project at work or thinking about the errands you need to complete.

Simply put, distracted driving is the behavior of doing something else that takes your attention and focus away from driving. Some forms of distracted driving may be easier to identify, like texting or talking on the phone. Other types, especially cognitive distractions may be harder to identify.

How to Avoid a Distracted Driving Accident This Holiday Season

The holidays can be hectic. Many people have a lot going on with holiday shopping and errands. You may be rushing from one place to another. You may have to navigate busy parking lots. Here are a few tips you can use to safely navigate the upcoming holiday season:

Avoid Distractions

While it’s often easier said than done, it’s best to avoid all distractions when driving, especially during the holiday season. If you’re tempted to use your phone, try placing it in the glove box or backseat and turning the sound off, so you don’t respond to phone calls or text messages.

Avoid Driving Under the Influence

The holiday season can be filled with festive pirates. When you combine more than one risk, including distracted driving and driving under the influence, the risk increases significantly.

Use Hands-Free Settings

Many of today’s vehicles have built-in hands-free settings. Set these up ahead of time, as setting the controls or features on your vehicle can also be a distraction.

Know When to Pull Over

If you find that you’re easily distracted, it may be a good idea to pull over. If you need to make a phone call or eat a meal on your commute, take the time to find a safe location and pull over.

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