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PA Personal Injury Attorney Helps Construction Accident Victims Recover Maximum Compensation

If you have recently been hurt in a construction accident that you believe was caused by a negligent person or entity, you need to speak to an experienced Pittsburgh, PA construction accident lawyer as soon as possible. These cases can be extremely complex and require a comprehensive investigation into liability. You need the talent and commitment provided by a dedicated lawyer, who has years of experience representing victims who have been critically hurt in construction accidents across Pittsburgh or Homestead, Pennsylvania.

Attorney Mark A. Smith works hard to ensure that you receive maximum compensation after a serious accident. Attorney Mark A. Smith looks at all of the various details associated with the construction accident and identifies the liable parties as soon as possible to protect your rights to file an injury claim. Contact him today to schedule a free consultation.

Pittsburgh Construction Accident Lawyer Walks You Through Your Legal Options After an Incident on A Construction Site

Only a dependable Pittsburgh construction accident lawyer will be able to inform you about your eligibility to bring forward a legal claim. A variety of different accidents can occur on a construction site, including falling objects, falls to another level, fires and explosions caused by hazardous or dangerous materials, eye injuries, repetitive motion or exertion injuries, collapses, crushing accidents and more. These can lead to a broad range of critical injury outcomes, such as spinal cord injuries, back and neck injuries, broken bones, paralysis, puncture wounds, disk injuries, amputations, scarring and respiratory diseases. If you can show that your injury was a direct result of a third party’s negligence or a dangerous product, you may have grounds to pursue a claim with the help of an experienced PA construction accident lawyer.

What Victims Should Know About Bystander Injuries

An injured construction worker may not be the only person who is harmed by a construction site accident. You need a Pittsburgh, PA personal injury attorney who is knowledgeable about handling claims brought forward by innocent bystanders. Negligent construction practices can lead to a number of different types of accidents and injuries such as unsecured scaffolding, equipment or falling objects. You need someone who knows how to pursue maximum compensation for a person injured nearby or on a construction site.

Free Consultation from An Experienced Construction Site Lawyer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Attorney Mark A. Smith has a track record of completing thorough investigations and identifying the liable parties who may be responsible for the injuries you have sustained. Setting aside time to walk with him in an initial consultation may give you a broader overview of what to expect in your case and can assist you regardless of where you have been critically injured in Pennsylvania.




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