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As a consumer, you likely come into contact with dozens of commercial products on a daily basis, from the microwave oven you use to warm up a bagel before work, to the car you drive to your child’s piano recital, to the vacuum you use to clean the carpet at home. Though we are exposed regularly to such a wide variety and large quantity of commercial products — products that have been intentionally designed, manufactured, packaged, and distributed to a national or even global consumer-base — for most people, one of the last concerns that come to mind when using a given product is whether it can actually cause harm due to a defect or other inherent danger.

Pennsylvania product liability law protects consumers by entitling them to sue manufacturers for injuries caused by defective products. The law surrounding product liability can be quite complicated, however, and product lawsuits tend to lead to demanding litigation against companies with access to substantial resources. You’ll want to work with a skilled product liability attorney who has years of experience in securing compensation for their clients. To get connected with a personal injury lawyer today, call The Law Office of Mark A. Smith at (412) 567-9598 for a free consultation with lead Attorney Smith.

The Basics of Product Liability

In Pennsylvania, there are three ways in which an injury caused by a defective product may give rise to a product liability claims.

Design Defect

Even if the product was constructed exactly as the manufacturer intended, you may still be able to sue the manufacturer on the basis that the product was defectively designed. A defectively designed product exposes a reasonable consumer to a risk of danger that is above and beyond what one might expect, given the nature of the product.

For example, if a consumer cuts themselves on a knife, they probably do not have a design defect claim against the manufacturer, as a reasonable consumer would expect knife products to have a sharp edge, and the risk is not excessive given the nature of the product.

Manufacturing Defect

Certain products may be properly designed but may experience a manufacturing defect that results in safety issues. For example, a factory may use a cheaper alternative metal to construct an appliance, which results in a shattering hazard that would not have otherwise existed given the design.

Failure to Warn

Certain products carry an inherent risk of danger. For example, a toy with small parts may present a choking risk to small children. Manufacturers are required to warn consumers about inherent risks presented by their products. Failure to do so may expose the manufacturer to liability.

Product liability claims can be based on any number of real-life injury situations involving a defective product, including but not limited to:

  • Appliance failures
  • Lack of adequate warnings
  • Motor vehicle design issues (i.e., defective seatbelts, airbags, etc.)
  • Recreational product defects

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If you or your loved one has been injured due to a defective product, you may be entitled to recover damages as compensation on the basis of a product liability cause of action.

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Personalized service. Maximum results. The Law Office of Mark A. Smith looks forward to helping you obtain full compensation for your injuries.




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