Jamaica Resorts Covered Up Sexual Assaults, Silenced Victims for Years

February 28, 2019

sexual assault at jamaica resortCertain crimes are considered much more serious than others, and sexual assault is definitely a contender for being horrible and life-damaging. What’s worse is when a victim is subjected to such a terrible and traumatic event, and higher ups attempt to cover up the crimes for the sake of their own reputation. In doing so, many victims can be left with justice and future potential victims can not protect themselves through awareness. We’ve seen many entities and organizations covering up rape and sexual assault. You may have heard of the Weinstein Story or the constant allegations towards the Catholic Church. Well, it has happened again, this time occurring at a Jamaican resort.

The Rape Incident in a Jamaican Resort Bathroom

A young and vacationing South African woman came to Jamaica to enjoy the beautiful country and all it had to offer. She wasn’t prepared to be offered a traumatic experience instead. This 18-year old woke up naked and exposed on a shower floor with bruises on her neck from choking and scratches all over her body. She had no idea how she got there and lay in a ball sobbing and terrified.

This incident occurred at the Sandals Resorts. The company attempted to give the American host family $25,000 as hush money and to cover the ruined trip. The “parents” agreed and had to sign a nondisclosure agreement. The victim, however, did not sign the agreement and has now come forward about the traumatic event to warn other traveling women of the dangers and the cover ups.

The woman stated in an interview that, “Sandals Resorts officials know what occurred and who was the culprit. They will not buy my silence.”

Other Silenced Tourists Speak Up

Unfortunately, this incident is far from an isolated one. A Free Press investigation went into sexual assault and Jamaican tourism, revealing that this has been a longtime issue with numerous coverups occurring all over Jamaica. It was found that that one American tourist a month is raped in Jamaica.

Inspired by this Press Release and the strength of the South African victim, many rape victims are now coming forward with their own covered up incidents and their payoffs.

Some victims who came forward include:

  • A New England family with a 16-year-old daughter who was raped in a bathroom at the Beaches Negril resort in 2013 by a resort entertainer’s friend with a guest pass. They were afraid of the process and only given a week free stay as a bonus.
  • An Atlanta mother, who was sexually assaulted at the beach in the ocean at the Sunscape Splash resort on her 50th birthday. She was manipulated into silence.
  • A Kansas City woman who was sexually assaulted on a sailing event hosted by the Sandals Ochi Beach Resort in October of 2017. Her trip was covered, but she was pressured and rushed into a decision.

Be wary. If you intend to travel in Jamaica, you or a loved one could become another victim. Arm yourself with this information and be careful. And if for any reason a tragedy comes anyway, do not let financially-fixated corporate officials bully you into a non-disclosure agreements. A quality attorney can fight for your rights and get you the compensation you ACTUALLY deserve.

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