Former Kiski Area School Trainer Accused of Sex with Student Remains Free

July 23, 2018

Pittsburgh sexual abuse lawyerAlthough it is a hard truth to face, sexual abuse happens often and is common among the institutions that are most familiar to us. Even in a presumably safe environment, with a lack of supervision, students can fall victim to sexual abuse. One alleged abuser of students in a school setting is Ryan O’Toole, a 27-year-old resident of Pennsylvania.

Investigation Led by Pennsylvania Police

O’Toole is the owner of RM Performance Training, which is described on its website as a company that provides personal training for student-athletes privately and throughout local school districts. O’Toole is now a former trainer of the Kiski Area schools. He trained students privately at school and at his own business. O’Toole has been charged with one count of having sex with a student while an employee of a school, three counts of corruption of minors, and one count of harassment.

The charges are a conclusion of a months-long investigation. The investigation began when allegations were made by five victims who were students at Kiski Area High School. One of the victims has accused O’Toole of having sex with her, while others have accused O’Toole of sending inappropriate text messages, making sexual comments during a workout, and making other sexual advances.

Accused Trainer in Pennsylvania Remains Free

Instead of being arrested and arraigned, O’Toole set his own appointment time for arraignment. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for 2:45 p.m. July 31 in front of District Judge Cheryl Peck Yakopec. Peck Yakopec said that the decision to mail the charges to O’Toole was the trooper’s. She also said that there haven’t been any restrictions set on O’Toole’s communication with minors and business operations.

O’Toole will face both criminal penalties and civil litigation.

Contact Our Personal Injury Attorney For Justice in Sexual Abuse Cases

All too often, the victims of institutional sexual assault and abuse are unable to secure justice in the criminal courts — but the civil court system provides an avenue for justice and financial recovery that you may not initially realize is available. If you or a loved one have been subjected to institutional sexual assault and abuse, whether infrequent or consistent, you are entitled to sue and obtain compensation for the heinous acts that were committed by the defendants.
Personal Injury Attorney Mark A. Smith has spent decades fighting for the victims of institutional sexual assault and abuse. Because letting such a case drag on for years can have an enormously negative effect on the lives of all involved, he is prepared to win from the very beginning. Attorney Smith exhibits extraordinary sensitivity and works with leading experts in the field in attempt to understand the trauma of the trauma that is endured. To setup, a free and confidential consultation, fill out our online form.

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