After Las Vegas Massacre, Should Metal Detectors be Mandatory in Hotels?

August 7, 2018

Enhancing hotel security with metal detectorsSecurity in this country has been a top priority ever since the events of 9/11. Not that security was not an issue before, but after that attack as well as a number of mass shootings including the one that occurred on the Las Vegas strip, many people are looking for ways to increase security so that something like that can never happen again. However, it is the Las Vegas Strip massacre that has experts wondering, should metal detectors now be considered mandatory in hotels going forward?

Tragic Wake Up Call for Hotels

Any hotel will tell you that the safety and well being of their guests is always on the top of the list of things they are worrying about. Hotels already have many safety measures in place whether it be being wary of any suspicious behavior possibly going on or having their staff on the lookout for anything that may seem out of the ordinary. That being said, the fact that the Las Vegas shooter was able to bring in dozens of guns into his room over several days is something that has hotel managers worried as there is nothing really in place as of yet that would have been able to stop this from happening. Hotel guests frequently go in and out of their rooms with suitcases all of the time, which means nothing that the shooter did would have raised any red flags unless someone was able to notice his peculiar actions.

While it may seem that metal detectors could be a valid solution to this issue many hotel managers do not think it is the smartest path to take. The majority of people staying in hotels just want to get to their rooms and rest or go to sleep or do anything other than go through another security process, especially if they have just gone through a similar one when coming from the airport. The expense of the metal detectors does not seem to be as big a problem as the inconvenience that it would put on the guest, regardless of the fact that it may keep them safer in the long run.

Most hotels would rather explore additional training methods for their staff in order to try and spot situations such as these before they occur. Even if this means disturbing individuals by asking them a few questions about what they are doing, many hotel owners prefer this method rather than disturbing each and every guest by having them go through a metal detector. Improving security without disturbing the guests is the main goal of everyone which is why the answer of putting metal detectors in all hotels is such a controversial one. Currently it does not seem as though American hotels will be going the security route that the airline industry has taken, but tragic events such as the Las Vegas Massacre has everyone on high alert now more than ever in hopes of stopping such an event from becoming the new reality.

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