Pennsylvania Boy Scout Leader Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 3 Scouts

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Since 2006, the Boy Scouts of America developed a sex abuse prevention and education program to address parents and leaders’ concerns.

More recently, a Pennsylvania Boy Scout leader, aged 50, was charged with sexual assault of three scouts in his charge. The sexual assaults allegedly occurred over a multiple-year period. He was affiliated with the Minsi Trails Council.

The scout leader faces an array of charges, including five counts of indecent assault. He reportedly surrendered to the police in the company of his criminal defense attorney.

The District Attorney of Lehigh County reports that the assaults allegedly occurred at the man’s residence and at a Monroe County Boy Scout facility, Camp Trexler.

Pennsylvania’s criminal law defines many different kinds of sexual assault. The sexual assault charge depends on the nature of the alleged offender’s sexual content, the alleged victim’s identity, and a variety of other circumstances.

As in this example, institutional sexual assault cases frequently make the news. Certain individuals may be charged with the offense, including employees of youth development centers, youth forestry camps, mental health facilities, group homes/residential facilities serving youth, state or county juvenile detention centers, Department of Corrections and other correctional authorities, and so on.

In addition, sexual contact that occurs between teachers and students is addressed by the law. Employees of a school, including the principal, vice principal, assistant principal, school librarian, a school visitor, vocational teacher, cafeteria worker, or others may not have sexual contact with students.

If an alleged offender is convicted of institutional sexual assault, he may face a maximum seven-year state prison term plus a maximum $15,000 fine.

Because the case in our example is progressing through the criminal justice system, we don’t know what will happen next to the accused or the victim. Although we want to believe that justice will be served, unfortunately, that isn’t always the result.

The civil court system offers another potential option. If you or someone close to you has been victimized by abuse or institutional sexual assault, call The Law Office of Mark A. Smith in Pittsburgh now to discuss your potential case. Although it can be emotionally challenging to discuss a traumatic experience, doing so may help you see justice done. Contact us now at 412-567-9598.

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