Rare Disorder Leaves Teenager With Pains Worse Than Childbirth

September 4, 2018

Medication for rare disorderIt has been said that there is nothing more painful than going through childbirth. Unfortunately for a young Sydney teenager, however, a rare condition that has no signs of physical damage may be just as bad or even more painful to have to try and live through. As of now it is a pain and agony that she has to go through daily, and it is something that doctors have described as more severe than the pains one feels when going through labor.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

The condition is called complex regional pain syndrome and it has been described as a neurological condition that leaves a person’s skin extremely overly sensitive to any kind of of touch. Doctors have said that even touching an area of skin with something as light as a feather can cause the sufferer to feel as though they are being stabbed by knives. The young girl who is suffering from this condition first went to seek treatment due to horrendous pain that she was feeling in her foot. It took multiple visits at the hospital over a period of weeks before they were even able to properly diagnose what she had, and even when they were able to do so the pain that she was feeling in her foot then moved into both her right arm as well as her hand making those areas visibly redder and swollen than her other arm and hand.

Clearly the pain the young girl is going through is a significant problem that is troubling to deal with to say the least. However, the family has admitted that the fact that they do not know how long this will last or if this condition is something that she may have to live with the rest of her life is something that gives all of them many sleepless nights. No one understands why certain people get this condition while others do not despite the realization that more women and girls are affected by it than boys and men. The fact that there is so little known about the condition and there is so much that even doctors do not understand about it that makes the entire process even scarier for those who have it, although spreading information and getting people to know about complex regional pain syndrome is a good start in getting people educated about it.

The condition has been known to affect 20 people out of every 100 thousand, which makes the condition extremely rare but still does not offer a positive outlook for anyone suffering from it. There are different ways of treating it that can sometimes make people better for a period of time but unfortunately the condition has been known to fluctuate and go from good to bad to worse in intensity as the years go by. We can only hope that with more awareness and more studying of the issue that we can one day help cure this young girl as well as any people suffering from such a terrible condition.

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