5 Safety Tips for Summer Road Trips

Summer road trips have been a longstanding tradition in the United States for as far back as anyone can remember. In recent years, specifically the early 2000s, road trips had dropped dramatically due to excessive fuel costs. However, studies show that road trips have seen resurgence with an estimated one-third of Americans taking to the roads, according to statistics by AAA. But like all things, road trips should be carried out carefully. Below are five safety tips for summer road trips:

Have the Car Checked

The most important factor in a road trip is the status of the car. One should always take a car in for a tune-up before driving long distances for an extended period of time. Common things to look for are worn tires, low liquid levels, and general repairs that should be carried out.

Keep a Safety Kit Handy

When traveling long distances, it helps to be prepared. A driver should take stock of items they should need in an emergency. Some common items are flares, jumper cables, a flashlight, water, a spare tire, tools for changing a tire (tire iron, jack), and of course, a first-aid kit. If possible, keep an emergency phone stored and fully charged.

Plan the Route

With the advent of maps and GPS apps loaded onto every smartphone, it could be tempting to simply set a destination and hope for the best. But travelers should always read over the route that they intend to go through. Reading the route can give a driver a more solid idea about stops and detours, should they need them.

Get Plenty of Rest

Drowsy or tired driving can result in a car accident. If a person is driving on their own, it is imperative to take regular breaks. If a person is driving off and on, it helps to rest up while the other person drives. Either way, a driver should always be awake and alert when driving.

Mind the Weather

Traveling through inclement weather can be extremely dangerous. A driver should always check the forecast before embarking on a road trip. If the weather is too severe, one should pull over safely if needed and wait out the weather before continuing.


These tips can greatly improve a person’s safety for summer road trips. However, not everyone on the road takes the same precautions and accidents do happen. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or losses due to an automobile accident, contact the law office of Mark A. Smith today to schedule your case consultation.

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