Tips for Handling an Accident With an Uninsured Driver

March 24, 2020

car accident lawyer pittsburghWhile most of the United States’ require drivers to carry a minimum insurance policy, not everyone follows this rule. Even when you follow the law and pay your insurance premium each month, things can still get complicated if you are involved in a car accident with a driver who is not insured.

Important Steps Following a Car Accident

There are a few important steps to follow after being involved in a car accident, regardless of everyone’s insurance situation. These important steps include:


  • Check the condition of everyone involved: The safety of everyone involved in the car accident should be a priority. Evaluate the condition of everyone involved and call 911, if needed. You can figure out the logistics of the accident after everyone who requires medical care has received the care they need.
  • Call the police: It is always a good idea to file a police report, regardless of who is at fault and how severe the car accident is or isn’t. The police will check the insurance of the other driver and if they don’t have any, they will document this in the report.
  • Avoid making a deal: Driving without any car insurance can be very costly, if you are caught. Getting into an accident can be even costlier. In an attempt to avoid points on their license and expensive legal consequences, the uninsured driver might attempt to make a deal with you. This might include a cash payment or promise to cover your medical and repair costs. Avoid making a deal. If they don’t follow up on their promise, you won’t have any legal recourse or proof.
  • Document the case: It is always a good idea to document the details of the case. Take photos of the damage, swap information with the other driver, write down their driver’s license information, and obtain a copy of the police report. Each of these documents will help you deal with the case later on.

It can also be helpful to discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer. You might have to pursue legal action in order to receive compensation from the uninsured driver, especially if your damages exceed the amount allowable under your insurance policy. Working with a lawyer who is familiar with Pennsylvania law can help you take the appropriate steps within the state’s statute of limitations.

Determining When to Take Legal Action

Pennsylvania is a no-fault auto insurance state. This means that regardless of fault, your own insurance company will cover your damages. Unless the other driver was injured and is blaming you for the accident, the fact that they were uninsured is not relevant to you. That is, unless your damages and injury exceed the insurance coverage. Check out our other blog for a more in-depth look at how to prove fault in a car accident case.

Significant car accidents can lead to lifelong injuries that require ongoing medical care, which can get very costly. If you have to take time off work, you could quickly exceed the amount allowed through your insurance policy. In this case, the other drivers’ insurance would cover your costs. If the driver was uninsured, then we would need to go after them through a third-party lawsuit.

Contact a Homestead Personal Injury Lawyer to Discuss Your Car Accident Case in Pennsylvania

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