Top 6 Causes of Auto Accidents

Back in 2015, there were 32,166 fatal car accidents that lead to 35,082 deaths in total throughout the entire United States. That’s a pretty large number, and doesn’t even include all of the accidents that occur without a fatality involved. Learning about the causes of auto accidents may help you to avoid one in your future.

Smart Phones

Just about everyone has a smart phone and they are a great convenience, however, they can be too distracting on the roadways. Both making phone calls and texting can be a huge danger to those behind the wheel and their surrounding environment. Many areas have enacted laws prohibiting the use of a cell phone behind the wheel.


A very common cause of auto crashes are drivers that go above the posted speed limit.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

People that are tired can cause auto accidents because the driver may fall asleep at the wheel, or their attention may not be focused on the road.

Driving With Distractions

People that drive their cars while doing other things can be just as distracted as someone using a cell phone. Actions like eating, drinking, smoking, putting on makeup, talking with passengers, changing the radio station, or trying to pick something up are all taking your attention off of the road.

The Use of Drugs or Alcohol

Drivers that take narcotics or drink alcohol can have their reaction time severely impaired. This can result in disastrous results.


Some weather conditions can contribute to auto accidents. Winter storms with ice and snow can be dangerous. Even dry periods where oil can collect on the roads, and a light summer rain can result in slippery roadways.


Even the most cautious drivers can end up in an auto accident. When an accident occurs due to the negligence of another, you may not know what your rights are, and how to move forward with taking care of the aftermath. Contact the law office of Mark A. Smith to get the representation you need for your accident.

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