Understanding CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) After an Accident

March 5, 2019

complex regional pain syndromeWhen injured in an accident, depending on the severity, there can often be a long road to fully recover. You may only need time to rest or you may have to go through a consistent physical therapy program, a multiple amount of surgeries, and take a lot of medication. Unfortunately, some people end up with lasting conditions or issues from the injury, which often include aches and pains. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a step up from this as it is a condition that is persistent, much more severe, and the pain is disproportional. Understanding CRPS after you are in an accident can help to treat it and learn to live with it.

How Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Occurs

All sorts of chronic pain can occur after being seriously injured in an accident. When you are suffering from CRPS, however, it takes this pain and suffering to a new level. It is not a simple type of condition that can appear suddenly or from anything and tends to involve intense symptoms. Usually, the condition cannot develop on its own and instead appears after traumatic injuries, serious surgeries, or even due to a heart attack or stroke. It is different from pain caused by an injury itself due its unique and more intense symptomatology.

Common Symptoms of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

If you are experiencing a lot of pain after an accident where you are injured, you will naturally want to identify exactly what is causing it and how to treat it or maintain a life with as limited amount of pain as possible. To do so, you will want to identify if you are experience CRPS instead of direct injury-related pain.

Common symptoms of CRPS include:

  • Heightened sensitivity to temperatures or other senses
  • Skin color or texture alterations
  • Hair and nail growth changes
  • Prolonged burning or pain sensations
  • Muscle spasms
  • Disproportional pain is experienced
  • Swelling or stiff joints
  • Decreased mobility in certain parts of the body or injured regions

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