Why Do Car Accidents Increase in the Fall?

October 14, 2022

Why Do Car Accidents Increase in the Fall?You might be surprised to learn that Pennsylvania notices an increase in car accidents during the fall months. A few key factors lead to more car accidents during the Autumn months and being aware of these can help you stay safe. Here are a few of the biggest factors leading to an increase in car accidents in Pennsylvania during the fall:

Rainy Weather

The fall season in Pennsylvania can also be rainy. And, unfortunately, this rainfall can make the roads slippery, which may affect your ability to come safely to a stop. Rainy weather can also reduce visibility, especially during times of heavy storms. As it gets closer to the winter season in Pennsylvania, freezing rain is also more of a possibility. Freezing rain can lead to black ice, one of the biggest contributors to auto accidents.

Falling Leaves

By mid-fall, many of Pennsylvania’s trees will lose their leaves. While this can be a beautiful sight of red, oranges, and yellows, it can also present dangerous driving risks. Piles of leaves can make the roads more slippery. Falling leaves are especially dangerous to motorcycle riders, which may hit them and slide, resulting in a severe motorcycle accident

Foggy Conditions

Fall can also bring foggy conditions, especially with colder mornings and warmer days. A lot of fog can reduce visibility, making it difficult to come to a stop safely. Foggy conditions can also make it harder to identify motorcyclists or pedestrians. Many drivers may turn on their high beams to improve visibility, which can then reduce other drivers’ ability to see.

Back-to-School Season

Fall is also back-to-school season in Pennsylvania. This means there will be more pedestrians and bicyclists on the roads. Young children may be learning how to walk or bike home alone for the first time. Older students may also be driving their own cars to school for the first time. School buses are also frequently out early in the morning and then again in the late afternoon. This may lead to more distractions or younger children running across busy streets and drivers on the road may slam on their brakes in an attempt to avoid hitting them.

It Gets Darker Earlier

Fall is also when it starts to get darker earlier. By the end of November, your commute to and from work may be completely in the dark. This can make it more difficult to notice bicyclists or pedestrians, and even other vehicles if they don’t have their lights on. Darker driving can also lead to more fatigued drivers on the road, which is responsible for a large number of motor vehicle accidents each year throughout the United States. 

Stay Safe This Fall

Being aware of the most common causes of car accidents in Pennsylvania can help you and your family stay safe this year. Taking certain precautions can also help to reduce your risk of injury. Avoid distractions when driving, especially in school zones or when you’re feeling especially tired. Check the weather before leaving, and give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination.

If you are involved in a car accident this fall, make sure you receive prompt medical care, collect evidence, and notify your insurance company as soon as possible. Then, consider reaching out to a personal injury lawyer who may be able to help you build your legal case and collect the funds you need to recover.

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