Extremely Rare Condition Leaves Woman in Severe Pain Whenever She Is Touched

March 19, 2018

Pittsburgh Medical Malpractice AttorneyMany of us seem to believe that life isn’t fair, but there is an extremely small number of us who have a physical condition such as complex regional pain syndrome that truly gives us a reason to think that this might be the case. There is really no way to be prepared for a rare disease such as this. With all of the other fears one has in life, the threat of getting this condition is almost never in anyone’s mind. For a young woman who recently graduated college, however, this issue began to define her life going forward and the small chance of ending up living the rest of her life in a condition like this became a stark reality.

It started off slowly, with a strange feeling going up and down her left arm, like water running down the inside of her arm all the way down to her hand. She did not make a big deal about it at first. But when the water trickling down her arm and hand feeling turned into a bright and burning pain in her arm, making her unable to move it, she began to take the problem very seriously. After meeting with a doctor and taking an MRI to help diagnose the situation, she was perplexed to learn that the doctors did not have an answer to what was afflicting her. The issues were getting worse, as well, as she noticed that she no longer had the use of her left hand. Worse yet, any sort of sensation on her skin – even wearing clothing – was enough to make that area fill with pain. This painful sensitivity of the skin was truly intense. In the woman’s worst nightmares, she would have never guessed that this condition was possible for anyone, let alone something that could happen to her.

A Diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Unfortunately, the rarity of the condition was difficult to diagnose. As the doctors continually tested her in order to find out what the problem was, her symptoms not only increased, but got significantly worse. She did not just feel extreme pain in the left side of the body anymore; these issues started to affect the right side of her body, as well, leaving her to rely on a single crutch just to walk. In fact, it was not until she met with her physiotherapist in order to regain mobility that he mentioned to her that what she was experiencing sounded like CRPS, or complex regional pain syndrome.

The woman met and conferred with several specialists, and it was determined that CRPS was indeed what she was suffering from. While it was a relief to finally know exactly what was causing her pain, there is unfortunately no cure for CRPS at this time. Despite this, the woman continues to look for new methods of treatment and is a fierce advocate of getting out the information surrounding this unknown yet terrible condition in hopes of helping others to learn about this hardship.

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